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  Tecplot Data Format       (TecIO Library)
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Tecplot Add-ons.

These user-contributed add-ons are unsupported. Please use forums for questions and comments.

Please email support@tecplot.com if you have an add-on you'd like to share or link to.

Below is a list of third-party add-ons and the versions of Tecplot they are believed to be compatible with.
Product Add-on Updated Author
and 2010
November 2009Sep 2008Dec 2007Nov06
YYYYYYYLocate Zone Min/MaxJuly 10Mike Connelly
YYNNNNNRadial SliceJune 10Scott Fowler
YYYYNNNImproved HDF5 loaderApr 10Steve Robinson
YYNNNNNAdvanced Frame ControlFeb 10Scott Fowler
YYNNNNN3-D triangulationFeb 10Ben Medina-Orton
YYNNNNNMeasure Distance between two pointsDec 09Scott Fowler
YNNNNNNComsol LoaderDec 09Ben Medina-Orton
YYYYYYYImage loaderJuly 09Mike Connelly
YYYYYYYGeometry to ZoneJuly 09Mike Connelly
YYYYYYYRead labelsJuly 09Mike Connelly
YYYYNNNPagesJan 09Ben Medina-Orton
YYYYYYYExtract precise polylineNov 08Various
**NYNYNYEigenvalues of TensorSep 08Scott Imlay
****YYYYNJournaled mirroringAug 08Ben Medina-Orton
****YYYYNAuxiliary data editorAug 08Ben Medina-Orton
****YYNNNKey Frame AnimationJul 08Ben Medina-Orton
****YYYYNCode GeneratorJul 08Scott Fowler
NNNNYNYDepth Plot (uses Depth Calculation) for Flow3DJun 08Junyin Qu
NNNNYNYDepth Calculation for Flow3DJun 08Junyin Qu
************YTime series plotAug 07Scott Fowler
NNNNYYYVisual Studio 2003 add-on wizardJul 07David Ossorio
************YExtract over timeMay 07Scott Fowler
************YSmarter time step macroApr 07Scott Fowler
************YSolution time and strand editorApr 07Ben Medina-Orton
DNDNDDDPlot 3d to Tecplot data converterMar 07David Saunders
NNNNYYYB-SplineJan 07Dave Taflin
** Included with the product! Tecplot users have told us this add-on should be included in the core product (thanks!). We've productized it -- documented, has appropriate macro support, QA tested. The user's manual (tpum.pdf) will have the most recent updates noted.
Y Compatible - The add-on is still in the experimental stage and must be added manually. For the add-on and usage instructions, click on the link on the link.
D Data Compatible - This requires compilation with an older version of TecIO, but data files created are readable by this version of Tecplot.
N Incompatible - This add-on is unavailable for this version of Tecplot.
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