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Tecplot Add-on: Updated HDF5 loader

This user-contributed add-on is unsupported. Please use forums for questions and comments.

(Please e-mail support@tecplot.com if you have an add-on you'd like to share or link to.)

This is a version of Tecplot's hdf5 loader compiled against the newer (1.6.10) version of the HDF5 library. It's a direct replacement for the existing loader, and should offer better compatibility.
  • Update done by: Steve Robinson
  • Compatible with: Tecplot 360/Focus 2009 R2 or newer
  • Macro Language: Same as existing loader, please see the Tecplot user's manual.
  • Known Limitations: There are limits to the dataset sizes loadable.
  1. Download the zip file. Extract it.
  2. Move the shared library for your platform into the Tecplot "bin" directory (Windows) or "lib" directory (Mac, Linux).
  3. Start Tecplot
File: (right-click and save)
  • hdf5.zip
  • Source: available upon request.
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