Tecplot Add-on: Extract Precise Polyline

This user-contributed add-on is unsupported. Please use forums for questions and comments.

(Please e-mail support@tecplot.com if you have an add-on you'd like to share or link to.)

The Extract Precise Polyline add-on extracts a line of points defined by entering the (x,y,z) coordinates of a start and end points.
  • Written by: Unknown; last modified by Ardith Ketchum and Ben Medina-Orton
  • Compatible with: Tecplot 10, Focus, 360
  • Macro Language: none.
  • Known Limitations: Separate version for 360/Focus 2008R2 and newer - see below
    Works only with 2D and 3D.
    Please use the forums for questions and comments.
  1. Download the add-on (or compile the source). For windows, copy the .dll to your Tecplot "bin" directory. For all other platforms, copy the shared library to the Tecplot "lib" directory.
  2. Edit your tecplot.add file and append this line:
    $!LoadAddOn "extprec"
  3. Start Tecplot
  4. The menu option will appear under Tools
  5. In a 3D grid, the dialog looks like this:
Files: (right-click and save)
Tecplot 360/Focus 2008 Release 2 or newer:
  • Windows DLL (pre-compiled): 32-bit: extprec.dll
  • Windows DLL (pre-compiled): 64-bit extprec.dll
  • All other platforms: extprec.tar

    Example (assumes you're using Tecplot 360 2008 and have the environment variable set up correctly):
          tar xvf extprec.tar `ls /lib/ext`
          cp `ls /lib/ext`/* /lib
Tecplot 10, earlier versions of Tecplot 360/Focus:
  • Windows DLL (pre-compiled): extprec.dll
  • Intel Mac (pre-compiled): libextprec.so
  • PPC Mac (pre-compiled): libextprec_ppc.so (rename this as libextprec)
  • Source: extprec.zip
    Building is pretty straight forward, but it does use the adkutil library distributed with Tecplot, so be sure to link with that library!
    Linux users: if you send me the compiled version, I'll post it here.