Example 13: Equate

Tecplot's Add-on Developer's Kit

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Example 13: Equate

Postby zlatinov » Wed Jul 28, 2010 5:54 am

I am trying to learn how to use Add-ons but I am new to C/C++ and haven't coded in anything but Matlab for years. I have been doing the first few tutorials and have run into a few problems with Example 13:Equate

1) After creating the dialog using the TGB, I am able to compile without errors, however when I attempt to start tecplot 360 with the add on loaded, so I can see my newly built dialog, I get the error: "Cannot load addon library...undefined symbol: Compute_BTN_D1"

2) The above may be related to the fact that when I examine my GUIDEFS.h file, I do not have the lines 'int Compute_BTN_D1 =BADDIALOGID...' for each one of the variables, instead I only have the lines 'extern LgIndex_t Compute_BTN_D1...'. When I look in the guidefs.cpp file, I do have 'LgIndex_t Compute_BTN_D1 = BADDIALOGID...'. Why am I getting different things in the GUIDEFS.h from what is expected? Why are my variables 'LgIndex_t' rather than 'int', and why are they only defined as '=BADDIALOGID' in the guidefs.cpp file and not in the GUIDEFS.h?

3) Finally, I have never been able to use the command 'ddd $TEC_360/bin/tecplot.shared descrribed' in Chapter 2 section 4 (just after Hellow World). when I type the command in a new shell I get the reply '-bash: ddd: command not found'

In case it is relevant, I am running everything on linux64.26
Thanks for any ideas!
Metodi Zlatinov
MIT Gas Turbine Lab

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