cylindrical axi-symmetric coordinates

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cylindrical axi-symmetric coordinates

Postby DavidHoyle » Wed Oct 29, 2014 7:30 am


Sorry if this is a repeat question.

I am a polymer scientist computing cylindrical samples of polymeric fluid being extended.

My simulations are currently cylindrical axi-symmetric, so there is no theta dependence. Therefore, my output is simply the radius of the filament is a function of length R=R(Z;t).

My scientific colleagues enjoy seeing tecplot's 3D animations.

I currently produce the 3D plots with a small piece of code that repeats the R(Z) solution through increasing angles from 0' - 90' and then mirroring the solution. This still makes large data files. I am currently looking at performing upwards of 1000 simulations - and i need to make smaller data files.

So to the question...
Is there a way to tell tecplot that my solution is cylindrical axi-symmetric so that it creates a cylinder from the 1D R(Z) data?

My 1D - R(Z) vs Z file is about 12Mb and my 3D files are around 90Mb.
That difference x1000 is huge so any help would be greatly appreciated.



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