TECPLOT ASCII data output

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TECPLOT ASCII data output

Postby alihaider » Wed Nov 16, 2016 11:55 pm


I am writing an immersed boundary based code and want to output data as an ASCII file which I am doing this in a conventional way as in tecplot documentation.

I write two zones (one is fluid and second is immersed boundary which consists of points) in a single file at the sane solution time but different strand ids. As the immersed object based only on points, I want to fill this (immersed boundary) zone with a color and it should behave as body fitted output.
I tried with "geometry" option but it was not helpful, not in accordance with my needs. In summary, I want to;

1 - Fill a zone based on boundary points and wish it moves with time as the fluid moves.
2 - I want to save solution and grid file separately to save the HDD space. Wish to write fluid zone mesh once while the boundary mesh at every time step along with fluid and boundary solutions.

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