Loading files from FDS

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Loading files from FDS

Postby Cade_Foster » Fri Dec 30, 2016 9:07 am

Hello everybody,

I am using Tecplot 90 and I have found some problems to load files from FDS. I have used the program fds2ascii to convert the .q files and the .xyz files to a format readable by Tecplot.

My simulation is a fire in a room of dimensions 5 x 5 x 5m.

I have tried three ways of loading plot3D and XYZ files from FDS, but none of them has been successful, and I really don't know why:


Import / Plot3D loader

File attributes: IBlanked, Binary, 3D Whole (the other options are unsuccessful).

I see a mesh that has nothing to do with what I have designed.

The variables that I see are: X, Y, Z, IBlnk, Rho, Rho-U, Rho-V, Rho-W, E


I open the file that I have created with fds2ascii with Excel. I save it as an excel file (plot3d1.xls)

My excel file has data concerning 8 variables: X, Y, Z, Temperature, Velocity U, Velocity V, Velocity W, HRR.

The data spreads from cell A3 to cell H17579.

Then I go to:

Import / Excel loader.
Other (you define the zones, variables and data locations).
Data Format / Custom.
Select variables: I select 8 variables (X, Y, Z, Temperature, Vel U, Vel V, Vel W, HRR) as single variables.
Add Edit zone: from A3 to H17578. Imax, Jmax, Kmax=(25, 25, 25).
I see the geometry and the contours, which have nothing to do with my geometry.


I save the .xls as a text file (plot3d1.txt).

Import / Text Spreadsheet Loader.

Delimiter: Space

I see a geometry that has nothing to do with my geometry. The variable that I am allowed to see is only XYZ.

I attach some pics of my efforts to load those files. I hope someone will be able to help me.

Thank you in advance. Best regards.

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