runnin python script in batch mode

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Python scripts were supported in the alpha version for Legacy 360 (2013). Python inquiries in 2017 should be directed to the PyTecplot Forum.

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Hans Holzofen
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runnin python script in batch mode

Postby Hans Holzofen » Wed Mar 13, 2013 1:19 am


in my workflow, processing with Tecplot is one step. All the other steps are controlled via python scripts.

Hence I was very glad when I figured out that one could call a python script via a macro using

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  COMMAND 'LOADPYFILE NAME = "[i]FileNameScript[/i].py"'

However, part of this python script involves setting the variables for the global 3D vector. The only way to do this in python is by executing a macro command using for example

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Tecutil.MacroExecuteCommand('$!GLOBALTHREEDVECTOR UVAR = 7')

Now, when I execute the python script that calls the macro then I get a complaint that there can't be nested calls to macros
(the control python script calling the macro that calls the python script that tells tecplot to do stuff, that calls another tecplot macro to set the 3D vector)

Is there a solution to set the 3D Vector via Python?
Or is there some other solution that I don't see right now?


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Re: runnin python script in batch mode

Postby Uli » Wed May 29, 2013 12:27 am

Would be great if anyone can provide a solution. I have the same difficulty solving the problem with value blanking which is not provided by python.

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