How Can I Make a Time-Derived Integral Equation

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How Can I Make a Time-Derived Integral Equation

Postby YouDownWithCFD » Fri Jun 28, 2013 11:52 am

I'm trying to extract specific energy equations for a compressor cooler system.

I want

(1/tau)*integral (Cp*(T(t)-To)-R*ln(T(t)/To)*M(t))dt

take the integral from 0 to tau. Where Cp is specific heat, R is the gas law constant, T(t) is temperature, and M(t) is mass flow rate

my system is axi-symmetric, can I equate mass flow rate to mass flux?

and also I want to calculate pressure energy at

(RTo/tau)*integral(ln(P(t)/Pa)*M(t)dt from zero to tau

so, from my undestanding, the format equations is :
ADDONID = 'CFDAnalyzer3'
COMMAND = 'INTEGRATE [<set>] [options]'


so would I define each piece that is within the integrals as an equation, or something else?
I started with

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