How to change dpi when exporting image in Tecplot?

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How to change dpi when exporting image in Tecplot?

Postby jaydi_31 » Mon Jan 07, 2019 10:09 am

I'm about to submit a paper and the journal requires the images to have, at least, 300 dpi resolution. I have tried, as the Teplot website suggests, to set the frame size to the desired size and when introducing the size for export, multiply the frame size by the desired dpi resolution; but Tecplot actually changes the size of the exported image and not the resolution, that is always 96 dpi regardless of the frame and exported size I choose.

I tried choosing different image formats, but none of them give any option to adjust resolution and Tecplot does the same in all cases. I can't submit it in eps or pdf format, I need the image to be in jpg or tiff.

Is it really not possible to adjust the dpi when exporting a image in tecplot? I'm using Tecplot 360 2018, if it helps.


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