Error with header

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Error with header

Postby mariclaydson » Sun Jul 30, 2017 6:12 am

Hello Guys I am trying to plot some data from a problem i am working on for a class, it deals with the flow around a airfoil. I generated the data for the computational mesh and the values of velocity for each node. And i am trying to plot it in Tecplot360. It is giving me the following error.
I don't know whats is wrong I am doing this in Fortran this is the code I am using to make the output file

Code: Select all

10 FORMAT('TITLE = " Malha Cartesiana "'/ &
     &       'VARIABLES = X, Y, U'/&
     &       'ZONE T ="Zone-one", I=',i5,'J=',I5,',F=POINT') 
      DO J=2,JMAX-1
      DO I=2,IMAX-1
      WRITE(4,*) X(I),Y(J), POT(I,J)
      END DO
      END DO

I am gonna leave here the google drive link for the output file so you guys can take a look ... sp=sharing

File name: output
Program: Projeto-1
Thank you since now.

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