Interpolation of temperature data to/from Flow3D to Abaqus

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Interpolation of temperature data to/from Flow3D to Abaqus

Postby Carl » Wed Jun 12, 2013 7:55 am


I currently have 2 models, a thermal flow model in flow 3D and a solidification model in abaqus. I have 2 models as the limitations of each software do not meet my requirements for allowing me to undertake the whole simulation in one software package. I need to get the correct temperature distribution at the end of filling.

I would like to transfer the temperature field at the end of filling from flow3D to abaqus, then run the abaqus model using the interpolated results as an initial condition. Once the Abaqus model has completed I want to take the final temperature field and intrepolate it back into the flow3d model to enabel me to start the flow3D model with the imported temperature field. This will allow me to run the combined filling and solifdification models to steady state as i'm modelling a cyclic process.

Abaqus is using an FE mesh of tetrahedras and flow3D is using a regular cylindrical cartesian mesh, therfore there will have to be interpolation of the temperature field. Both models have multiple components in them.

I have been told that techplot may be able to interpolate the data between the two meshes, is this correct.

I have done some searching and have not found information on how to do this. I have limited exerience with tecplot, and what experience i have was for plotting charts.

Any help or advice of if this is possible and how to do this would be greatly appreciated. If any one knows of an example or tutorial for this i would be grateful.


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Re: Interpolation of temperature data to/from Flow3D to Abaq

Postby JerimiahLee » Wed Jun 12, 2013 8:49 am

Hello Carl,

Tecplot is able to load both Flow 3D and Abaqus data. The issue is that before you can interpolate, you will need to make sure that the grids align for both meshes.

Once loaded into Tecplot and aligned appropriately you can use the tool under Data > Interpolate to transfer Temperature from the FE Tet to the cylindrical. The following is from our user's manual:

In Tecplot 360, you can interpolate the irregular I-ordered data onto an IJ-ordered mesh, and then create
contour plots and other types of field plots with the interpolated data. You can also interpolate your 3D, Iordered
irregular data into an IJK-ordered zone and create 3D volume plots from the IJK-ordered zone.
You can even interpolate to a finite element zone.
The accuracy of the interpolation will depend on your data, the density of the destination grid, how well
the grid fits the area of your unorganized zone and the settings used for interpolation.

It is Chapter 21 - 11, page 331. It also explains the three methods of Interpolation available.

If you have current SMS, feel free to contact Tecplot Support directly regarding this issue.
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