Particle Paths in periodic flow Turbomachine

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Particle Paths in periodic flow Turbomachine

Postby MGR » Fri May 30, 2014 3:10 am

I have a particle path problem. The solution I have loaded into Tecplot is an unsteady flow prediction inside a 2 stage axial compressor. As such the flow field is periodic in time. The cycle time is the time taken for one blade to pass by an ajascent stator. For the CFD I had 72 time steps to achieve one cycle. To save data space i have loaded 1 in 3 of these time steps giving my 24 time steps. At each time step I have 8 zones: so that is a total of 192 zones loaded.

My problem? the particles travel a short distance and then stop. i have realized that this is because they are computed for just one cycle, up to the maximum time level associated with my zones 185 to 192. But the way the compressor is designed the particle needs about 4 cycles to pass through one blade row and 16 to pass through the whole machine. I need a particle path computer that loops through the time data repeatedly to track a single particle through a single block. Any ideas?
Martin Rose

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