Unable to get transient particle path

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Unable to get transient particle path

Postby raghumohan » Sat Oct 15, 2011 9:29 am

I am trying to get particle path in a twin screw extruder (for one screw rotation). I have 36 data files having position and velocities (in x,y,z-directions). Each file consists data of nodes for every 10 degree rotation of screw. I have loaded all files and gave the constant delta value (animation time step) as .0277 in "Edit time strands dialog". Then I have plotted the stream line in forward direction giving a starting point (node position which is at the entrance of extruder and lies between the screws and barrel). A streamline has been created and then I have defined the analyzer field variables as velocity variables (in x,y,z directions). Then I calculated the paticle path giving the intigration time as 1e-6. But the particle path created is very small(too small) and it goes back to the entrance of extruder after travelling for a while (path nearly similar to a semi circle).

Then I loaded only 6 files of data and checked the particle path again, but it gives the same particle path (also same streamline) again.

I removed the time step animation (removed constant delta value) and then plotted streamline which was much longer than the former one. I also calculated the particle path for this situation, the particle path was also long enough and moving forward.

Please suggest me some way to get this particle path with time step animation. Also please let me know if you have any questions on the data I gave here.


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