geometry problems

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geometry problems

Postby Al » Wed Sep 03, 2008 10:11 am


I would like to create a simple cube in 3D. I need it because it helps to know what I have represented. I know how to draw a rectangle but is it possible to do a cube ?.
Besides, when I move a zone, texts and squares don't follow the zone. I would like to group a text to the zone so that they move together. How can I do that ?

Thanks in advance


Re: geometry problems

Postby jim » Thu Sep 04, 2008 8:26 am

One simple way to generate a cube is through Data -> Create -> Create Rectangular Zone. The defaults will be the dimensions of your region, divided into 10 segments along each axis. (It may be more useful to do a 2x2x2) This will add another data zone that can be turned on or off via the zone style dialog.

As for the labels, there's no user interface for this, but it can be done one of two ways:

1) Mike Connelly wrote an add-on <a href="">here</a> that works with the older Tecplot versions that will read in a set of labels from a file and place them for you.

2) Macro. Here's an example Ben wrote:

Code: Select all

#!MC 1100

  Text = "Hello"
  PositionCoordSys = Grid3D
  AnchorPos     {
      X = .5   Y = .5  Z = .25

  Text = "World"
  PositionCoordSys = Grid3D
  AnchorPos     {
      X = 1  Y = 0  Z = 0

To try this, save the macro to a file. Start Tecplot and do a data -> create -> create rectangular zone. Now run the macro. As you pan, the labels will stick to the coordinates, snapping back when you're done rotating.

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