Running tecdat112 multiple times

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Running tecdat112 multiple times

Postby zonexo » Sat Nov 26, 2011 12:48 am


I read in the manual that the I can call tecdat112 multiple times:

TECDAT112 allows you to write your data in a piecemeal fashion in case it is not contained in one contiguous 
block in your program. TECDAT112 must be called enough times to ensure that the correct number of values 
are written for each zone and that the aggregate order for the data is correct.

So instead of :

ier = tecdat112(itot,real(var,4),disdouble)

to write in 5120 values

I use:

ier = tecdat112(itot,real(var(1:size_x,1:size_y/2),4),disdouble) - line 1

ier = tecdat112(itot,real(var(1:size_x,size_y/2+1:size_y),4),disdouble)

to write in each of 2560 values.

However, the debug message said that I have wrote in 5120 values when line 1 is run.

Why is that so?


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