iblanking using tecio library (112)

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iblanking using tecio library (112)

Postby llopes » Tue Oct 23, 2012 12:00 pm

I am trying to write out a simple plot 3d data set that includes an iblanking variable. When I use the TECINI112 command, I add the iblanking variable as one of the variable names. I then create a zone using TECZNE112 with all the inputs working fine. I then start writing the variables using TECDAT112, but how do I write the iblank variable (being an integer and not a real which TECDAT112 expects). When I write the iblank variable as a real using TECDAT112, TECEND112 throws an error because I have written out too much data. I have performed a search in the documentation but there is no referencing to blanking at all.

When I leave out the iblanking variable, everything works fine (except no iblanking). What am I doing wrong?

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