Network Installation

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Network Installation

Postby mightyvelan » Wed Aug 15, 2007 7:49 am

Hi Jim,
I installed the purchased license in one of our server which is connected in central network. Tec360 is working fine without any problem in all machines. But i am facing new problem. I was wonder that, normal user can also kill and restart the license. then i changed the permission of the tecplot as root.root in server(early it was different). Now superuser from other machine can able to restart it.

I pasted the log file. here scram0 is other machine from where i shut it down.
07-Aug-15 16:22:03:,localhost:11.0 [2]: Request to DIE.
07-Aug-15 16:22:03: Shutting down service... TLMD Terminated.
07-Aug-15 16:30:08: Tecplot License Manager - Copyright 1997 Elan Computer Group, Inc.
07-Aug-15 16:30:08: TLMD 5.0.1c started on (000e0c5ba944).
07-Aug-15 16:30:08: Vendor ID = de739f.
07-Aug-15 16:30:08: Default Hostcode = 512 (01000) = ETHER.
07-Aug-15 16:30:08: PID = 21342.
07-Aug-15 16:30:08: Port = 5291.
07-Aug-15 16:30:08: Log file = /export/apps/tec360/tlm/tlm.log.
07-Aug-15 16:30:08: Key path = /export/apps/tec360/tlm.

I dont know, what wrong i did ? . Or it will be like this only?. Is any way to stop killing the license file?. So before releasing the tec360 installation, i want to block it.



Re: Network Installation

Postby jim » Fri Aug 17, 2007 1:19 pm

Hi Velan, I'd suggest contacting support on this one to see if they have more specific suggestions. The good news is we're replacing the Elan license manager in the next major release.

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