Tracing each streamline separately

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Tracing each streamline separately

Postby mmohaqeqf » Tue Mar 13, 2018 11:25 am

Hello all;

A simple steady-state pipe flow has been simulated with a pressure inlet and a pressure outlet, with some known fluid properties and symmetric feature (only modeled half of the pipe). The flow is found to be agreeing with the typical flow behavior (velocity, pressure values agree with theoretical results).

We need to generate streamlines, starting at center of each element on the inlet. Therefore, if we have n elements on the inlet, n number of streamlines need to be generated. Then, we need to trace each streamline separately (like a Lagrangian approach) and export the relevant information (i.e. velocity magnitude, etc.) out for further analysis.

We already created the streamlines (in our case, the inlet had 16 elements, hence 16 streamlines) and exported the velocity data in a csv format. But, when we open it in excel, it is almost impossible for us to see which points (nodes) are related to which streamline. In fact, we need to be able to distinguish the streamlines from each other.
I really don't know if this can be done by Fluent post-processing or I should use Tecplot for it.

Any help is appreciated!

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