Error with loading an ASCII (.dat) file

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Error with loading an ASCII (.dat) file

Postby Boris » Tue Apr 17, 2018 11:44 am

Greetings all!

I hope you can advice me on the following issue I encounter.

I write a bunch of numerical values in an ASCII (.dat) file format. My aim is to subsequently load the file it in Tecplot 360.

I am very well familiar with the ASCII file content and the arrangement of data inside it. However, I come across the following error when I load the file in Tecplot: " Error occured on line 3. Line too long. ".

I believe that I know the reason for this problem. According to the Tecplot Data Format guide, I exceed the maximum number of characters per line, which is 32,000. I exceed the limit, because the .dat file I write has a lot of numerical values in a row ( as a result of setting DATAPACKING = BLOCK ).

My question is what command I have to type on a line, in order to tell Tecplot that the given data seamlessly continues on the next line/row?

I hope I am clear enough and this is the right section to post this thread!

Thank you in advance for the attention and help!

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